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Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy
 Sanct Corporation (hereinafter, “Sanct”) shall exhibit care in handling the personal information of customers, appoint an administrator, and shall aim toward proper management and protection of said information.
  1.  Contents of personal information
     In Sanct, “personal information” refers to the specific information, such as the name, address, telephone number, FAX number, and email address, provided by the customer(s) to identify the individual customer(s).
  2.  Purpose of collection
      Sanct requests that personal information (name, address, telephone number, FAX number, email address, etc.) should be provided by customers when they are ordering products or registering as members on the website, and shall use such information for the purposes described below. The personal information provided shall be used for no purposes other than the following:
    1. To reliably deliver products to customers
    2. To reliably provide user support and important notifications to customers
    3. To provide customers with information considered useful, such as questionnaires and emails.
  3.  Disclosure to third parties
      Other than on the basis of laws and ordinances, Sanct shall not disclose personal information to third parties, unless permission has been obtained from the customer in advance.
     Although personal information may be disclosed to partners and subcontractors with whom Sanct has concluded a non-disclosure agreement, Sanct shall instruct and supervise such parties to appropriately manage and protect the information.
  4.  Change, correction, or deletion of personal information
     In cases where the customer requests change, correction, or deletion of personal information, Sanct shall comply with such request as promptly as is reasonable.
  5.  Disclosure of personal information
     In cases where the customer requests the disclosure of personal information, Sanct shall comply with such request as promptly as is reasonable, once the identity of the person concerned has been confirmed.
  6.  About cookies
     This website uses cookies to enable the customer to conveniently browse the website.
     Cookies are an industry-standard technology that enables the Sanct Web Server to identify the customer’s personal computer (PC). Cookies neither acquire the customer's personal information nor harm their PC.
     Also, it is possible to set your browser to reject the cookies.
  7.  Disclaimer
     Sanct is not responsible for customer’s personal information on other websites linked to via the Sanct website.
  8.  Privacy policy improvements
     Sanct shall continuously strive to improve and enhance the protection of the customer’s personal information, and shall appropriately review and revise the privacy policy. Sanct shall promptly provide notification of, and publish, the revised policy.
  9.  Inquiries about the privacy policy
     Please address any inquiries, complaints, and other communications regarding the Sanct privacy policy to the following customer contact point.
SANCT Corporation.


3-5-1 Shin-Ohashi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
SANCT Corporation.

135-0007 3-5-1 Shin-Ohashi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
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